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Desirable Divas: Top 20 hottest single women in India
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Top 10 Most Famous Women In History

Cultural Show with Dinner. Awards Ceremony — The Best Researchers will be recognized and awarded. All accepted abstracts for the 3rd International Conference on Future of Women will be published in the conference abstract book with an associated ISBN All full papers sent for conference proceedings will be subjected to double blind reviewing process and will be published electronically with an ISSN in the proceedings with a DOI Number DOI prefix: Accepted papers published in conference proceedings will be submitted to Google Scholar, Scopus and Thomson Reuters for possible indexing.

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Claire M. Hotel Ramada Yelahanka Bengaluru, India. Skip to content. The 3 rd International Conference on.

India's 'first ladies': Rousing stories of 20 women who were pioneers in their fields

Obviously, there are lots of educated and well-travelled men in the modern metros, like Delhi and Mumbai, who understand the signals we take for granted in the west. Err on the side of caution. As a tourist in India, keep safety in mind at all times. I have travelled all over India, on overnight trains, in countless autorickshaws and taxis, and sometimes even on the backs of motorcycles. I have never felt in danger and never felt unsafe, but I am cautious and I have come up with a couple of strategies, especially for travel at night.

To start, get someone to pick you up at the airport when you land.

Kerala woman starved to death for dowry, weighed JUST 20 kg at death

Many good hotels and guest houses will arrange this for you. Also, when leaving a bar or restaurant, get someone to walk you to an auto or taxi. Or call someone, and loudly tell them the number of the taxi, so the driver can hear. Many hotels and tours offer this service. Check out my post about travelling on Indian trains, planes, and automobiles. Getting a local SIM card and carrying a mobile phone is essential for both safety and convenience, I believe, as India is a mobile phone obsessed nation.

Take a look at twenty of the country's hottest single women.

Everything is done via text message, including train tickets, taxis, and manicure appointments, and you need it to communicate with drivers. You can buy a cheap phone, or get a SIM card for your regular phone, when you get to India. Prepaid rates are very cheap for text, data, and talk time.

Just make sure you have a copy of your passport and Indian Visa, and a passport sized photo with you when you go to the store to get the phone or SIM card. Indian clothes are light, comfortable, inexpensive and appropriate to the climate and the need for modesty. I usually wear the three-piece salwar kameez, or Punjabi suit; or a kurtah and trousers when in India. But wearing Indian clothes is a bit controversial among my Indiaphile friends. Some say it just draws more unwanted attention; others say it draws respect and protects you. I am in the second camp. The family is the strongest social structure in India.

As the wife of an Indian man, I am perceived as Indian, as part of the society — an insider — and even more importantly, as someone whose movements are probably closely tracked, and who will be missed. I feel my gold Indian ring draws a veil of protection around me … it works for me. I think our attitude and level of confidence plays a big part in our experience of travel — and studies have shown that men attack women they perceive to be vulnerable.

Pushing your comfort zone is okay, if you know you are up for it. But if you are really fearful, you may find yourself having scary experiences. Not always, of course, but a significant percentage of the time. Plus, you can find travelers through online forums and by using hashtags on social media. Just be careful not to reveal your location in real time — later-gramming is a good idea, even your Instagram stories. TIP: Be careful how you relate travel experiences online.

This Instagrammer in India found out the hard way that making uninformed and ill-considered judgements about India online is not a good idea. Nothing bad will happen. If you are travelling in North India, check out my post on Basic Hindi words and phrases for travellers. Though many people in India speak English, a little Hindi can go a long way to making you feel more comfortable and in control.

Like all women, I get unwanted attention everywhere, including in Toronto where I live. In India, it is more culturally acceptable to stare, so yes, lots of staring! My best advice is to ignore it. However, if you have a gut instinct that something is off, pay attention. Always listen to your intuition. Move away from the person or people staring, and if you need to, seek help.

If someone is bothering you, speak up, you will be surrounded by aunties and uncles in a heartbeat. A lot of people will ask you for selfies.

Take a look at twenty of the country's hottest single women.

But it can get tiring. I have a firm rule: no selfies with boys or men. I only take selfies with girls, women, and families. The best advice is to not give beggars money. They are usually part of a syndicate and the money goes to the rich guys on top. Giving them money only encourages this type of criminal behaviour.

Much better to give to credible, authorized charities. The one thing I do is hand out food on the street, if I have leftovers; or if I am eating peanuts and a child asks for them, things like that. In fact, coming face to face with the poverty in India is an eye-opening experience for many people. It humanizes it, and you find out that many of these people are happier and more content than you ever imagined.

The crowds and heat and noise in India can be overwhelming. My best advice is to take breaks. Find sanctuaries. Get out of the cities, go to ashrams or countryside resorts, villages or the beach. South India, especially Kerala , is a gentler land.

Or, seek nature: go to a national park, tiger reserve, bird sanctuary, or trekking in the hills. Splash out on a five-star hotel. Do what you need to do to tune India out every now and again. Please read my Complete Guide to Yoga in India to have all of your questions answered. I just consider it tourism tax to help the needy. Shopping for expensive items like rugs and jewelry is another matter. You DO need to do your research, and shop around. I agree that you should stick to the tourist areas in India, and stay on the well-travelled path.

No need to venture into the remote, off-the-beaten-track places at all. Perhaps a surprise: Not Saudi Arabia, but India.

This may not seem immediately obvious, given the company India is keeping. Police brutality in Atenco.

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20 Great Women of India contains the life history of women who have excelled in courage, fortitude and public service in comparison to other women of India. Kannan loves to create articles comprising Top 10's/20's. He has a Here's a comprehensive list of the greatest women from Indian history.

So why India? To understand why India is indeed the worst G20 country for women, we have to look at the status of women across the life cycle, from birth to death. A girl is born.

Or is she? The convergence of discriminatory norms for son preference, the threat of economic ruin for families facing dowry debt, and the accessibility of technology means Indian families are aborting girls right and left. What of girlhood? School is only supported to the 7th grade, whereupon families have to take on the cost of educating children, who may have to travel outside of their local neighborhood to attend classes.