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T10 is valid indefinitely within a calendar year however the card will expire one month after the new tariffs are released in January each year and can be shared with other members of your group. In order for each person in your group to use the same T10 you have to put the card in the ticket validation machine and then pull it out completely - this will open the sliding doors to allow you to pass through.

Leave the card on the machine surface however for the next member of your group to use the T Each time someone in your group uses the T10 it counts as a separate journey and the journeys are printed on the back of the ticket during validation.

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If you need to travel outside of Zone 1 you can buy a different T10 zone ticket that will cover you for other zones. The T10 zone 1 ticket is valid for some selected transport to Barcelona Airport but not others:. TMB airport bus N TMB night busses N16 and N The Aerobus the express bus service to the airport. For the metro journey to Barcelona Airport you need to buy a special airport metro ticket. See our page on travelling to Barcelona airport by metro for more information.

A little known point about the T10 ticket. The T10 ticket can be used on more than one means of transport and all be counted as a single journey provided that your journey is less than 1 hour and 15 minutes. This means for example, you can make changes at metro stops provided you don't leave the metro , then leave the metro and jump on a bus to finish your journey or vice versa as long as the total length of the journey is less than 1 hour and 15 minutes. NOTE you cannot re-enter the metro once you have left it - this would count as another journey.

Please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat to read this.

Barcelona Train Zones. Once you've purchased your T10 ticket and want to use the metro you have to put the ticket into a ticket validation machine at the metro entrance. Hi Borja, Yes, definitely you are right and that this is an "estimate". Thank you. Hi Robert, i think that a good solution would be to have two capatilities instead of only one: To see course dedication of all participants To see your own dedication and by default a student will have allowed the second capability. I will have this in mind in the future.

Regards, Borja. Hello Borja, First of all congratulations for the block. I am being asked to implement the group filter. Do you have any progress or suggestion that might be useful? Hello Nick, and excuse me for the delay in responding. I am sorry but I have no progress on it, although I think it might be a necessary feature. The only obvious suggestion is to add a group selector in dedication.

At the moment I can not give your more help. Enrique and rest of people, Can you use "course dedication block" with filter groups? Any suggestion? Thanks Juan. Block in version 1. Each instance of the block checks the next: If it is a sticky block checks that user has permission to see the dedication estimated time at course context. If it is a normal block checks that user has permission to see the dedication estimated time at block context. Some text as the one mentioned by Fred Nevers have been fixed in both versions 1.

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Dear Borja, I have downloaded your dedication block and I have found some problems installing it. I am using Moodle 1. First Moodle is complaining about a missing version. I made up a version. Can you help. Saludos, Manuel. Hi Manuel, I'm sorry for being late so much in answering you but when i saw your message i was busy and later i forgot it and then I went on holidays So I hope that this mail is not of help to you because already you have solved the problem 1.

The only thing existing in de DB directory is for add capabilities to roles. So i don't know what can be happening. If still you have the problem, can you give me more information about it? This Block looks interesting Borja - thanks for your work on it I have a similar problem: Downloaded and installed. And the Block does not show under Administration menu, Modules, Blocks. Presume it should show as "Dedication"? I'm using Moodle 1.

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Anormal: Lo 'normal' no está funcionando (Spanish Edition) [Craig Groeschel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. La gente normal está. Anormal: Lo 'normal' no est? funcionando (Spanish Edition) by Craig Groeschel ( ) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Thanks, Stuart. Hi Stuart. I have just installed it in a clean Moodle 1. Thanks Borja Interesting I'll see if I can work out why it didn't work here and post back Stuart. Hi Borja This Block has indeed now appeared, and works I can only think it was some type of cache problem initially. Can you explain a little more about how the calculations are made? Even though these may not be 'accurate'? I think this is such a simple way to see a measurement many teachers want to see "How long did Student X spend in this course? Many thanks for developing and releasing this Stuart.

Hi Stuart, the calculations are made bearing the following definitions in mind: Session: set of two or more consecutive clicks in which the elapsed time between every pair of consecutive clicks does not overcome an established maximum time. Session duration: elapsed time between the first and the last click of the session. So the total student dedication to a course is the sum of all his session durations in a chosen period.

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And the clicks are obtained from the log table of the database. Thanks Borja. Paz - Antonio -- brief English translation -- Sure English is preferred but the most important thing is to find a solution. Did you login in as admin and click on Notifications in the Site Admin block? If not, do so because that is what initiates the install process for new blocks. Peace - Anthony. Your block works perfectly in this version and i would say to you thanks for your job.

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The large number of patients and their unaffected relatives living in concentrated, well-defined geographical areas, will enable assuming their consent to work with us a greater understanding of how genetic and environmental factors affect the symptoms and the progression of the disease. No puede ser; ella ha muerto. Business Job This is a Customer Relations communication for company's feedback. Hemos ido. Estoy dispuesto a aceptarlo.

Regards from Andorra. I have Installed Moodle 1. I think I have successfully installed this block, but only find a description, not instructions on the download page. That is the data I need to be able to verify, and collect for a report. Hi Roger. You must know that the time is for whole course dedication not for a partitular activity or learning material. Thank you, F.

This will do just what we want - log the total time a student spends in the course. Thanks again! I now have the dedication block functioning, keeping track of time spent with the lesson. But how do I prevent the student from logging in, then simply walking away and letting the clock continue to run, giving him credit for more time spent than actual? Hi Roger, the time returned by this block must be only considered as an estimated time. Is this compatible with moodle 1. Any solution? Hi Teerawoot, this block is compatible with 1.

Hi Terawoot, great! Hi Joachim, the translation has been added to the code of the block. I'd like to find the module, though when I click through from the module page last changed in 08, I receive a blank page. It surprises me to find commentary about the module from Is it still available? Hi Steve, block is still available.

You can download it from here. Hi Borja, I'm now using Moodle 1. Adrian C. Hi Adrian, don't worry since it often happens Regards, Borja.

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Hello Borja. I wanted to note a particular behavior of the block when users get the "forum mail error" registered as an Action: In this case, Ana Gabriela has the Student role in the course but she never actually accessed it. Hope you find it useful. Juan Pablo, from Chile. Last update on: July 25, Choose translation. Original Lyrics. Translation in Spanish.