Elephant Rocks: Poems

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It's a treat to see water so rubbery, a needle so peaceful, the point encased in the tenderest dimple. It seems so simple when things or people have modified each other's qualities somewhat we almost forget the oddity of that. The pure fun Ryan's having here is infectious: rhyming "pillow" with "Jell-O"; using "cuddle" as a verb for water when we'd expect to see "puddle. The witty "peaceful" succeeds in reminding us that the needle is neither working at sewing nor piercing anyone with its sharp point. We're skewered sorry by the next image, though, which almost forces us to experience the needle's point, encased as it is "in the tenderest dimple.

Something of Marianne Moore's confident singularity and fearless willingness to grapple with a subject echoes in Ryan's work. Ryan owes a debt to Emily Dickinson, too, with her compressed meanings and sudden wisdoms.

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Ryan takes a characteristic let's-get-to-work approach in "Doubt," a poem that tackles a problem familiar to every writer:. A chick has just so much time to chip its way out, just so much egg energy to apply to the weakest spot or whatever spot it started at. It can't afford doubt. Who can? Doubt uses albumen at twice the rate of work There are many small, deft touches here: I especially love the sounds in the first line, with its short, stressed monosyllables mimicking the sound of the chick, and the way the third line, with its stresses on beginning syllables, slows the poem down and makes it seem like heavier work.

But no line in these poems is not deliberate.

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This one suggests the disorientation that arises at the beginning a work; the not knowing where the vision or idea we've begun to spin out comes from. Is it a place of strength or of weakness? If it comes from weakness, will that prove fatal? Is our inability to know this, at least if we're trying to write something, the beginning of doubt?

Some artists, Ryan seems to say in "Outsider Art," don't suffer from enough doubt. She means the ones who can't leave well enough alone, the ones who, with an unchecked zeal,. We are not pleased the way we thought we would be pleased. The sonorous closing iambs stay with us; they have the force of a withering judgment without any attendant unkindness.

Ryan's attention lingers on the work; she seems to ask larger questions about the nature of making art. What is this fury to transform?

Why isn't the impulse to beautify, God-given as it seems to be, enough to make something beautiful? By extension, how do we arrive at respect for our medium? How do we know when enough's enough? In "Bestiary," Ryan reminds us that we're probably not going to be remembered for what we do anyway, that we all know where nice guys or ordinary guys finish:.

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Elephant Rocks: Poems [Kay Ryan] on goystofetel.ga *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Elephant Rocks, Kay Ryan's third book of verse, shows a virtuoso. Elephant Rocks: Poems (Grove Press Poetry Series) [Kay Ryan] on goystofetel.ga *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A third collection of verse by the author.

The mediocres both higher and lower are suppressed in favor of the singularly savage or clever, the spectacularly pincered, the archest of the arch deceivers who press their advantage without quarter even after they've won as of course they would Who can know which of an artist's words will live beyond this life?

That decision is left to the chemistry of time, which performs its own alchemy on words:.

Elephant Rocks: Poems

Sentiments which pleased drift down as sediment; iron trees grow from filament. The verb "to please" or its adjective "pleasant" recurs in these poems, and serves as a hallmark of their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Ryan is true to Stevens' dictum about poetry, that it must give pleasure.

We are charmed by the hidden art of the poems, by their deceptive and resonant simplicity. But Ryan does not, for example, say "we are not moved the way we thought we would be moved" or "delighted" or "changed. Sometimes, however, there are hints of a kind of surface aesthetic, a love of balance and order for its own sake that occasionally seizes control of the less successful poems in the collection.

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Although in "Chemistry" Ryan combines "pleased" with the rather transient-sounding "sentiments," and in doing so casts doubt on the endurance of pleasure-giving as an end in itself; in some poems, "unpleasant" seems to be the strongest word she can muster:. In "Sonnet to Spring," for example. The brown, unpleasant, aggressively ribbed and unpliant leaves of the loquat, shaped like bark canoes that something squashed flat, litter the spring cement