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Opinion | Ways to free yourself from inner turmoil and attain financial nirvana
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How Can I Deal with Inner Turmoil?

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First: I face them.

Inner turmoil can be a great source of pain and suffering, leaving you feeling helpless. The best strategy to escaping inner turmoil is to support your mind in what. Note also that without options or alternatives, inward turmoil like this wouldn't exist. After all, it's not mere frustration that causes it. Rather, it's.

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People invest their hard-earned money in stock markets by heeding to tips from relatives, colleagues, and friends and expect it to grow overnight. They fail to do a background check, research, compare performance, check growth potential; seek expertise prior to investing in over-leveraged companies and penny stocks.

For anyone suffering inner turmoil or pain

Secondly, wrong knowledge is where people allocate most or all of their investments in sub-optimal asset classes. As a result, most of these investors fail to achieve significant inflation-adjusted return or real-return. The solution to avoid avidya is by investing time, effort and money in gaining knowledge about the market and the potential stock investment. Asmita or ego: It is easy for a person with avidya to confuse mere opinion with fact.

It is essential to check whether the information at hand is based on brutally honest facts or merely an ill-founded opinion based on avidya. The deeper the avidya, the stronger is the delusion in self or asmita.

Escaping Inner Turmoil: Notes on Matisse’s Cut-Outs | The Mantle

This gives a false sense of superiority and it starts a negative loop of ignoring market signals, facts and trends. Learning is a never-ending process and there is no shame in seeking expert advice backed by reputed institutions to validate your views. Raga or attachment: Raga often compels people to stay invested in asset classes like gold or real estate due to the emotional attachment.

It results in clouding of rational decision-making abilities.

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A yogic investor can deal with raga by ensuring that investment is guided by latest data in hand rather than emotional memory or attachment to what seemed as a good investment avenue in the past. Diversifying investments through asset allocation enables one to avoid attachment to particular asset class and increases probability of higher returns by minimizing risks involved with fall of a particular asset class.

Dvesha or aversion: Dvesha is the opposite of raga, which is an aversion towards unpleasant experiences.

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