Kill The Rat (An Organized Crime Thriller)

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That was known — newspaper articles in the s had detailed Mr. Sharpton himself told the story in his autobiography, published in But it surfaced again this week when the website The Smoking Gun posted dozens of pages of documents that appeared to provide absorbing new details about his four years as a confidential informer for the government.

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He carried a briefcase the F. He recorded information that helped the F.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Original fast-paced engaging " -New York Times bestselling author Thomas Perry on Dan Ames "If you loved THE SOPRANOS. Kill The Rat (An Organized Crime Thriller) (The Ames Standalone Thrillers Collection Book 2) eBook: Dan Ames: Kindle Store.

One was a favorite of Vincent Gigante, the longtime Genovese family leader who later wandered through Little Italy in a bathrobe and slippers, avoiding prosecution by pretending to be mentally ill. If, as Mr.

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Sharpton said at a news conference on Tuesday, the music industry is different now, so is organized crime. At the same time, mob figures operating in the shadows exerted influence in politics and even in the courts.

If the revelations about Mr. Sharpton were not new, they drew more attention than they had in the past, coming a few days before he is scheduled to host President Obama this week at the annual convention of his National Action Network. Bad cops whoever out of our community.

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Scarface R min Crime, Drama 8. You do it at home. The detectives and Amelia arrive too late and she is scalded to death by an open steam pipe. And I said to myself, this is the business we've chosen; I didn't ask who gave the order, because it had nothing to do with business! Slickly made, beautifully shot and featuring some of the finest screen performances on record.

The little crimes of humans, cats, birds, and rats are caught up in a bigger game and soon there will be no place to hide from the biggest threat faced by creation. Not easily achieved with a personality hell-bent on self destruction. Serial killers, gangland villains and the intelligence agencies push both Caslin and his team to their limits in this collection of thrillers from British crime writer J M Dalgliesh. He was hired to find the thief or thieves and return the money.

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A glamorous New York Television reporter named Glory, temporarily exiled for her safety, joins Hokee in his investigation. Can he survive Nazi occupation and keep the secrets of the Vichy regime? For fans of Alan Furst and John le Carre.

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A mysterious death. A castle of spirits and superstitions. A royal family of fierce and unnatural passions.

DI Maureen Lyons investigates but is not banking on a troublemaker emerging from within the police ranks.