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The glory in defeat. The great turnaround is always in you, and waiting for it is the hardest thing you will ever do. It has to be so ripe to bursting--the moment that counts. Timing is the great art. Everyone freed as you are freed. Nothing held back any longer ever again.

The fruit of the vine.

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Limitless supply is the rhythmical law of the Divine Mother. There are those who are given over to the Divine Mother and her earthly counterpart, She of Earth, and who are called upon to give of something beyond them and to do so selflessly.

A heavy responsibility to take on, because there are no boundaries to it. A certain rapture in being able to serve in this fashion, with multiple undertones of realization and fruition. Yet the ritual gesture, the signature, is so given over to the Mother that what dominates every breath is the explicit need that is here--to live inside that need, to be surrounded by it everywhere, to know only that there is somebody, that is everybody here who asks, who must have sustenance and inspiration.

The growing into the task, the becoming worthy of the investiture and the singular dedication to complete to the Mother's satisfaction all that is intended in perfect conscientious endowment.

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A remarkable instinct for the next lesson. Finding it, learning it, and drawing everything out of it that you can. Specialized in destiny activation and interested in nothing else. Purposively driven to take up karmic lessons all the way. Wildly given over to what is taken on. Working the territory as hard as you can. Making way for something new by wearing out the old. Assigned to tough situations, yet knowing it is appropriate.

Super strong, and especially tenacious and relentless.

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In deepest essence, sacrificing yourself so that something can happen here that is going to take a lot of doing. And inside it all, you are curiously resigned to whatever arises, not very concerned because long range results mean everything here. And a moment's or a lifetime's discomfort is a small price to pay when destiny is truly involved. Getting inside of things. Discovering what they are like, when you have no idea any longer what you want out of things or where anything really is going.

All the riches of subtle texture can only begin to arise now, and to touch your soul. This journey has gone on forever, but now the deep Earth calls you once again and you cannot refuse. All roads lead to this same place, where it all flips over and you're tumbled to the inside where you meet yourself for the first time. This was not who you expected to see. This other self has lost everything, but has found its way to be here at last, on the inside of the world, ready for anything, no preferences, nothing to accomplish, nowhere really to go--just here, in the fiber of existence, home free.

Hermetic wisdom revived. Two extreme polarities: the far inside and the far outside.

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Expressively playful, tricky, fluent, and engaging. Inwardly contemplative, studious, brooding, and lost to the world.

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Guided from within to stay entirely secluded and solitary in your inner life, yet transmuting your solemnities into accessible bits and pieces in all familiar contexts. A way to render unto Caesar and still serve the highest. An arduous track. The ultimate challenge--to throw the self off and take the self on as it is appropriate. Strategic incarnation, under special assignment. Witnessing dispassionately the flow of time. Standing outside of all linear progression and knowing what is likely to happen here.

Supremely disengaged from surface affairs, even lightly dismissive of all secondary considerations, but tuned right in to the thread of prophecy and inner vision. Granted a certain grace to follow the inner track.

Leopard's Kin

And serving a larger function as part shaman, part seer, and part commonsensical advisor. Salty wit, earthy and pithy, no nonsense. You know where the bones are buried. Penetrating insight. A throwback to simpler worlds. One who warns of dangers ahead, and is not amused by factions and fragments and phantoms of common assumption.

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Burning up with the inner flame of creative activity in the soul realms. The inner life raging with power--an insistent force. A level of attunement to the central flame of your being that will not quit. The impassioned desire to manifest perfectly what lives inside. The alchemical intention to burn away the dross and return to pristine selfhood at long last. An extremely sharply motivated path of development. One-pointed drive to strip away all but self and be true to self in a fashion which will burn a hole in the world. Nothing to say, everything to do. The self cannot be articulated because it is far too busily pressed out into emergency mobilization twenty-four hours a day.

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No personal life, no personal world, no personal self. Just fantastic availability to the call, the collective vigil, entered upon willingly and selflessly. The demands and rigors of this position and stance are punishing and extreme.

You are so hardpressed, so rabidly attentive that nothing else exists. The assignment is clear, brutally so. Be on the spot at every level, maintain order, keep everything going and stay tuned to everything unusual and strange. Follow it out, keep it in your sights and make absolutely sure that you stay sober, integrity sworn and minutely diligent to hold the center and uphold the law with a steadfastness that is beyond belief, and simply true.

Thematic worlds coming round again just as before, just like always. The highest and the best, maintained and sustained beautifully, impeccably, superlatively. Knowing inside that what counts, what is essential, is to abide, to be. You are a vast world unto yourself, an extraordinary network of intersecting dynamics.

But the witness consciousness is blissfully sitting back in a restful perch, letting everything go by. And in the very center of this dispassion and wakeful scrutinizing, one indwells a Buddha realization attained by hard work in many lives and now being your innermost identity in an identityless way. The inward image and the outward reflection are worlds apart. Building up inside to a state of being that carries immense challenges. You see your own personal nature as an objective universal force to be reckoned with, and persist in seeing egocentrically.

Preferring massively your own company, contained within yourself, imaginatively self-enchanted. Yet also capable of radical turnabouts and rebirths. Awakenings false and true, great and small. Knowing yourself to be somebody special. Self-consciousness enshrined. A dead-end or a path, oblivious or realizing the way of things, getting out of the way or being squarely in the way. Self-importance and its overcoming. Making a great deal of something out of almost nothing is the mark of fantasy or uninhibited imagination.

You prefer to be presented with basic, simple, and ordinary things. Inside your soul you turn these into what they originally were, releasing their primal power.

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When alchemy runs this close to the bone, it is astounding what it can do. Tackling longstanding knots and obstacles of every kind is sensed as nourishment and opportunity.

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A sacrificial incarnation can best frame itself in fantasy and imagination and thereby hug the edge between worlds perfectly. The path here is to stay under while peeking over the top, and to play it as straight as can be, while coming from an irrepressible source that can come through this peculiar form with flying colors. The sweetness is in the returning to those sacred places always known and now being at ease there. The natural man strips away false layers and finds somebody underneath who is poignantly familiar and resonantly true.

The search, the quest, the process. The intricate, extended process. For everything depends upon entering the process and giving yourself over to the master-craftsman-hands of the Creator Beings.