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Black Breath is a really really great thrashy deathy punky metal band who fall squarely into the 'people who like this sort of thing will find it to be the sort of thing they like' category. Where's the fucking Fall in all these fucking lists? And Liars? And Swans? Gah, I'm going back to bed. Unperson's is better than most of these magazine's Dreamy melodic textures in an Ashra kind of vein.

Okay, might well jump for that at that price. Enjoyed the last Tape album, not really familiar with what Bill Wells does though but have been seeing his name around since forever. They've got a couple of dedicated "underground" writers who take turns on that column and there are a few other heads there. They have, for example, run sizeable features on SunnO and Slayer in the last year. Re Tape: My Ashra comparison was kind of off, they don't have any Gottsching guitar heroics going on, it was just the first thing that came into my head.

If you liked previous Tape albums then I'd say you'll like this. I mean considering i seem to have read a million things about it being you know 'as good as YS only deeper, with more resonance.. What's the consensus on the Black Keys over here? I've seen them appearing on several lists and thought it was enjoyable enough to deserve the mention on rockist magazines.

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Also when you're listing 50 or records and not a single one is the Rangda LP your net credibility drops to zero. Full disclosure, I actually don't hate that new Black Keys. It isn't great, but when I'm forced to hear it I don't totally mind. The Joanna Newsom suffers due to its length, plus however much opinion coalesces in the short term, I think, given time, it will be her Tusk or her Sandinista. Okay, I'm only being slightly facetious there.

It is a brilliant album, rich and rewarding, but the effort needed for those rewards is commensurate, and most people—even especially? Then again, I'm apparently way out of step with ILM on both this record and the National's, so ymmv, etc. Have you written about this anywhere? I'm checking it out now anyway, intrigued. I love her at her best, didn't know this was that. Joanna Newsom I've heard won Uncut, not seen this confirmed though. Another two records that I thought might do a lot better have probably suffered from their respective release dates at either end of the year; These New Puritans and The Phantom Band.

That Rangda album is pretty good Not so sure. Kind of surprised that Charlotte Gainsbourg only appears on the Rough Trade list - I thought her album would get wider recognition. Sufjan Stevens, 'Age Of Adz' Interpol, 'Interpol' Male Bonding, 'Nothing Hurts' Field Music, 'Field Music Measure ' Happy Birthday, 'Happy Birthday' Edwyn Collins, 'Losing Sleep' Gorillaz, 'Plastic Beach' Robyn, 'Body Talk Pt 1' Walls, 'Walls' Perfume Genius, 'Learning Flying Lotus, 'Cosmogramma' Errors, 'Come Down With Me' Crocodiles, 'Sleep Forever' Ikonika, 'Contact, Love, Want, Have' Kelis, 'Flesh Tone' Charlotte Gainsbourg, 'IRM' Surfer Blood, 'Astro Coast' My Chemical Romance, 'Danger Days' Everything Everything, 'Man Alive' Mystery Jets, 'Serotonin' Steve Mason, 'Boys Outside' Sleigh Bells, 'Treats' Magnetic Man, 'Magnetic Man' Lonelady, 'Nerve Up' Hurts, 'Happiness' Glasser, 'Ring' Islet, 'Wimmy' EP Crystal Castles, 'Crystal Castles' Klaxons, 'Surfing The Void' No Age, 'Everything In Between' Best Coast, 'Crazy For You ' Avi Buffalo, 'Avi Buffalo' Vampire Weekend, 'Contra' Janelle Monae, 'The ArchAndroid' Deerhunter, 'Halcyon Digest' MGMT, 'Congratulations' Warpaint, 'The Fool' Factory Floor, 'Untitled' Grinderman, 'Grinderman 2' Yeasayer, 'Odd Blood' Gayngs, 'Relayted' Caribou, 'Swim' The National, 'High Violet' The Drums, 'The Drums' 9.

Liars, 'Sisterworld' 8.

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Salem, 'King Night' 7. Zola Jesus, 'Stridulum II' 6. Foals, 'Total Life Forever' 5. Beach House, 'Teen Dream' 2. Arcade Fire, 'The Suburbs' 1. These New Puritans, 'Hidden'. Glasser, 'Ring' 5. I too think that is a pretty decent list, a lot of stuff I'd not expect on it that high like Zola Jesus. Have to throw the question up though, if that's one of the top 10 albums of the year, why not put her on the cover?

Impressed they put These New Puritans at the top. This is much more like the NME lists I read years ago which helped me to discover records rather than simply affirm what I already knew.

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I expected that record to be invisible come the end of the year. My point isn't that Rangda should be 1 it's that these lists show how segregated music journalism has become That Mojo "underground" list is what really brought it home Whereas the top of a lot of this these lists by and large sound very similar to my ears. The Drums, 'The Drums' 6.

Foals, 'Total Life Forever' 4. NME is a lot better. The problem is that all the people saying it's a lot better are not in their target market of yos, who are deserting it in their thousands. Several issues this year have apparently barely scraped past 20, I'm surprised to see The Fall in the NME list, it must be the first time they've appeared since the mid 90's when they used to appear every single year. It must have been a while since Paul Weller made the list too, that probably has something to do with them putting him on the cover the other week.

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At The Disco and Jamie T. So compared to the years those came from it's much better and I can see the development in the list has been influenced by the new staff members.

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Wear Cape. Fly etc etc etc collectively much worse than Lex's selections from the top I agree with Lex that the NME top 20 is mostly dull but probably for a different reason. Given it's an NME list, I'd say what was missing was youth or exuberance or star quality or noise. Part of the problem with the ongoing Pitchforkisation of the Brit music press is that it feels a bit cardigan-wearing, a bit daddish.

Laura Marling and The Drums are the closest things in that top 10 to what the kids are actually listening to. Generally speaking they aren't listening to NME guitar music, and if they're listening to guitars at all they're listening to Kerrrang! I agree that there's even more inertia creep of Britforking, very surprised to see under earlier NME blogs and on DiS the main complaint was how low Sufjan was, an album I found agonisingly tedious.

Something like Everything Everything you'd could have imagined being much higher in earlier years.

In 's top 50 there are about 5. Surprised that the Spoon and Hot Chip albums aren't placing higher and more frequently.

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It's strange seeing the Manic Street Preachers appearing in all these lists, the last couple of albums seem to have turned it around for them. Caribou, 'Swim' 7. Zola Jesus, 'Stridulum II' 1. There was a streaming link for Gil Scott-Heron on the ilx thread for the album that was still working the other day.

GSH album is stunning. I'd rate the GSH higher if it wasn't so short and, even then, padded out with interludes.

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I'm not really into either of those bands but even from cursory listens it's pretty easy to see they sound absolutely nothing like each other. The first time i heard of him was when he was getting four page features in every magazine. Daifugou Jinsei!! I love the bass on it; it reminds me of the old rave days. I guess any time the Mets are on the Road and go extra innings, I better figure the worst! Thurmond Hall.

It feels like an EP. New York Is Killing Me is one of the tracks of the year though. I didn't know Robert Wyatt had done an album with Gilad Atzmon. Well, I guess no surprise since I don't pay much attention to either, but I'm somehow interested in the idea of them collaborating.